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image traité 2Thank you for visiting the site of COPABO-CO -CA (The Cooperative Society of Agricultural Producers of Bondoukou).
COPABO is a great human adventure that began in 1999, where women occupy a prominent place.
Our activities mainly concern the collection and marketing of products of the region: primarily cashew nuts, but also yam, coffee and cocoa.
It is widely acknowledged that women play a leading role in each and every family in the food processing of raw materials. And, In the shelling of cashew their role is significant Three groups from three sub sections of COPABO have organized to make shelling craft an economically vi able activity.


accueil-copaboTheir impact regarding the processing of cashew nuts is unquestionable. From a family-based activity, it has become an income-generating activity for women in the villages that are members of COPABO, since they receive a salary for this activity.
The processing activity has certainly created value added for the Gontougo region, together with the fact that it gives a new economic and social empowerment to women, who trust COPABOCOOP-CA.

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About us

Founded in 1999, the COPABO (Cooperative Agricultural Producers Bondoukou) brings together small producers of raw cashew nuts. Since 2004, women have been included as members in the cooperative to initiate the transformation of cashew kernels..

Our activity

The COPABO cooperative collects the raw material, is the raw(gross) cashew nuts, with these producing members, then cashew nuts are distributed 3 units of transformation(processing).


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