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In partnership with Self-service restaurant Help Africa, the ACA attacks(affects) the questions of equality between the sexes and good agricultural practice through the called(mentioned) project ” Empower the producers of cashew ” in Ghana and in Kenya.

This project, which started in June, 2015 and which is financed by the Foundation Walmart, aims at increasing the household income of small farmers by means of the training(formation) of the farmers in the field of good agricultural practice. To watch that the African market is the final beneficiary of the intervention, the project will assure(insure) simultaneously the training(formation) of the farmers and will create links between farmers’ communities and conversion facilities. The project concerns specifically the empowerment of the women in the value chain of the cashew through a complementary(additional) training(formation) on the diversification of the livelihoods.

After almost a year of implementation of the project, the ACA directly had a dialogue with the profitable communities to ask about new accomplished progress and understand(include) the main challenges which settle(arise). From 16 till 21 April, a team of the ACA compound(made up) of the Managing director and the other persons in charge went(surrendered) in the county of Kilifi to Kenya within the framework of a visit of follow-up of the project financed by the Foundation Walmart. Together with seven representatives of the partners of execution, worth knowing(namely) Self-Help Africa and the Ustadi foundation, the team of the ACA visited three groups of farmers in the sub-counties of Kilifi North and Malindi.

Together with his(her) hosts, the team had exchanges with the groups on questions bound(connected) to the agronomic best practice, to the pricing and to the sale of raw(gross) cashew nuts, to the links with markets, to the access to lands, to access to the credit, as well as to the challenges with which they are confronted. The conversations(maintenances) led with the beneficiaries highlighted the positive effects of the project on the capacity of the local stakeholders to improve the activities of production and marketing of the cashew.

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In Ghana, the ACA knotted a partnership with Mim Cashew and Agricultural Products Ltd. to collaborate within the framework of a system of information sharing on the market with groups of farmers. The created relations will establish the base of the commercial links between the farmers and the striking international factors; they will also favor the creation of sustainable and competitive local industries. THE ACA will resort to an innovative tool of management of the supply chain to facilitate the creation of direct links between transformers and farmers’ communities by means of the financial institutions. The system aims at guaranteeing healthy transactions between the farmers and the transformers. He also allows the farmers to reach the banking system and strengthens the commercial links between transformers and producers of cashew.

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